Exercise #6

Laundry Room Step Ups


We’ve got stairs in our house. Not a lot, but enough to use them in my Stay at Home Workout.


My laundry room is downstairs, and the clothes closets are upstairs. It’s an older design; many of the new homes have the laundry room upstairs where the dirty clothes are. That makes sense to me, but I have an older home, so my laundry room is downstairs, which sometimes seems like miles away from the bedroom closets.


So, on my trek up and down the stairs, I try to take a few minutes to do a few extra steps. I’m a firm believer in getting in your 10,000 steps every day!


If you have bad knees, this might not work for you. But if you can, before you start up that whole flight of stairs, grab hold of the bannister or railing, tighten your abs, step up onto the first stair with your right foot, bring your left foot up onto the same step, tighten your glutes, keep your abs tight, and then step back down onto the landing with your right foot, and bring your left foot down to join your right foot on the landing.


Simple, right?


Do 10 repetitions starting on your right foot.  Take a rest for a minute, and then do 10 more repetitions starting out on your left foot.


If you’re really ambitious, do 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each leg.


If your legs are starting to feel like wet noodles, then you’re probably doing them correctly.




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